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We have had quite a few requests from our readers to do a Costa del Sol weather page. This is easier said than done, as the Costa del Sol stretches along 161km of beautiful coastline.

Malaga City is roughly in the center of the Costa del Sol, but there are many well known and popular tourism focused towns in both the western and eastern stretches.

So as you can see, it is not possible to provide a figure like the ‘current temperature in Costa del Sol’, for that you should rather look at the specific town you are going to be in.

Now what we can do is tell you a little bit about the climate that this stunning region has to offer. The warm temperatures on a sunny summer’s day is definitely one of the main reasons why tourists flock here, but if you carry on reading you will see that there is more to offer.

Spain is in the northern hemisphere and as such summer falls during June, July and August. You can expect the average temperature during the day to be around 25°C and above. Also expect great long term forecasts as the summer rainfall figure is very low.

Don’t forget your sun screen if you are visiting during this time of the year. The temptation is great to spend all day out in 30°C sunlight, but the after effects can be pretty painful if you are not careful.

The Costa del Sol weather can a bit cooler during the winter months of December, January and February, but this is all relative to what you are used to living in.

Expect an average daytime temperature to reach about16°C and during the night it can drop down to about 6 or 7°C at its coldest point. Not bad really, especially compared to cold wet countries like the UK.

Many a perfect holiday has been had on the Costa del Sol during the mild winter months while the region is a little less populated by holiday makers.

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